Venvstas Italy

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The latin word "venvstas" (pronounced venustas) refers to the characteristic of Venus, roman goddess of beauty, mentioned in Vitruvius treaty "De Architectura" as one of the three property a building should have. To achieve the harmony between the three principles of aesthetic, function and durability, is Venvstas mission.

Founded in 2019, Venvstas Italy is a new reality that aquired the initial work developed by Atelier Venvstas Paris to improve those stunning designs in a much larger facilty plenty with skilled artisans and advanced machinery.

The combination of an innovative production method and the traditional hand work produces the exact taste we wanted you to feel. The slick shapes and the material chosen give birth to timeless design. We are proposing you, the most contemporary writing instruments one can desire.

In the hope it will be of your pleasure, we introduce you our new Carbon Collection.


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Parma 43121 italy