Beblau - work seamlessly from anywhere

from spain

Welcome to the digital nomad era

Beblau was born to make work life easier, smarter and more flexible fitting your lifestyle. We aim to solve the needs of organization and mobility of today’s workers.


The way we work is changing: mobility, flexibility, multitasking and working from anywhere are becoming fundamental aspects of our daily work-life. Beblau Design was born inspired by these changes with the goal of designing smart solutions for workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs with a digital lifestyle.


It all started from a pain we had ourselves: moving from our desktop to a meeting room, and from meeting to meeting, carrying our stuff around (you don’t use a backpack inside an office).


We designed our portable office organizers and launched 2 successful crowdfunding campaigns with the support of a community of passionate backers.

And this is just the beginning… our dreams are big!

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