from Italy

Monitillo Marmi has been specializing in the production of marble for construction projects and private homes since 1980.  Until now, the Italian company, based in Altamura, situated in the region of Puglia, primary has been custom-built interior elements such as counters, tables, wall coverings, and wash basins.  With developments in technology over the last decades, Monitillo Marmi has translated abstract concepts into mass produced pieces.  Deeply embedded in the land of Altamura and the traditions and culture linked to the centuries of processing stone materials in the area, Monitillo Marmi debuts a collection of small design objects highlighting the natural material’s characteristics and the possibilities of working with stone on different scales.  ‘Pietre di Monitillo‘ evolved out of the collaboration between Monitillo Marmi and international designers from diverse backgrounds, including: Birgit Lohmann, Carlo Martino, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Efrem Bonacina + Giovanni Moro, Emmanuel Gallina, Giovanni Pesce, Habits, Lorenzo Palmeri, Marco Acerbis, Matteo Ragni, May Day Design and Andrea Maldifassi, Mrsmith Studio and Spalvieri / del Ciotto.


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