from Poland

Zupagrafika is an author, independent publisher and a creative design studio based in Poland, founded in 2012 by a Hispano-Polish duo - David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka. The studio has a special affinity with Polish Poster School, post-war modernist architecture and paper. They specialize in poster, editorial and design applied to architecture. 

Zupagrafika also creates, illustrates, designs and publishes award-winning architectural objects, such as: "Blokografia" (2012), "Eastern Blocks" (2014), "Brutal London" (2015), "Blokoshka" (2016), "Paris Brut" (2016) or "Brutal East" (2017) which catalogue their favourite modernist and brutalist edifices from the former Eastern Bloc and beyond. 

Author of the book "Brutal London: Contruct Your Own Concrete Capital" (2016, Prestel Pulishing), an adaptation of their worldwide acclaimed "Brutal London" paper-cut collection.