from UK

"The necessity that leads to the creation of an object determines its origin and constitutes the starting point of every Design development. To know and to try to find new or alternative solutions to this origin is the role of Design, which leads to an improvement of the quality of life through innovation and functional simplicity.

Design is therefore logical, efficient and should be conceptually, physically and aesthetically long lasting.” selce, 2015.

Jaxon Pope (Australia) and Riccardo Centazzo (Italy) founded selce in 2014, and since then have aimed to follow their manifesto through industrial and product design and theory based projects which actively critique present day conceptions of 'design'.

Their latest project, the Parallel Slots System, is at it's first stage with many more potential functions to be explored through new and exciting accessories.

Flat 88a Nightingale Road, London, E5 8NB