the new 2013 mercedes-benz SLS AMG electrive drive all images courtesy of mercedes-benz

mercedes-benz has released the new SLS AMG electrive drive, the next generation of emission-less efficient automobiles. making its debut at the 2012 paris motor show, four synchronized electric motors produce 552 Kw and a max torque of 1000 Nm, with an acceleration of 0 to 100 mph in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/hr, making it the world’s fastest electrically driven series production vehicle. the revolutionary high-voltage battery is the result of collaboration between mercedes-AMG and their high performance powertrains branch in great britain, where formula 1 experts were able to contribute their extensive know-how into its advanced technology. the new design features a vibration-free engine and motors that provide maximum torque in an instant. each compact permanent-magnet electric motor weighs 45 kilograms and is capable of reaching 13,000 rpm. powering each wheel individually allows the torque to be distributed to a specific area of the car.

the liquid-cooled high voltage lithium ion battery contains 12 modules of 72 lithium ion cells each, with an energy content of 60 kWh and an electric load potential of 600 kW, the best there is currently in the automotive industry. a convenient quick-charge feature allows the driver to recharge the vehicle in a very short time from the comfort of the home, and an sight-stage safety design constantly checks and re-checks the entire electrical system. an aluminum space frame contributes to its light-weight character, with an improved weight distribution and lower center of gravity. not only focusing on its ability to increase its speed, ceramic composite brakes provide the perfect even deceleration.

2013 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive profile

2013 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive front view

2013 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive

2013 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive


top speed: 250 km/h max output: 552 kWh max torque: 1000 Nm 0-100 km/h: 3.9 seconds range: 250 km battery energy content: 60 kWh battery voltage: 400 volts battery weight: 548 kg