2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS
2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS
jan 16, 2013

2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS

2014 tesla ‘model X’ electric SUV at NAIAS



an all electric ‘model X’ has officially been added to the tesla family. being introduced at the 2013 NAIAS in detroit, the SUV is equipped with four unique falcon wing doors that open vertically like the mercedes-benz gullwing. accelerating from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4.4 seconds with a 85 kWh battery, the ‘model X’ also integrates a dual motor AWD for all-weather driving.


built on the same platform as the model S, it has approximately the same external dimensions of a large crossover with ample space for carrying up-to seven large adults and luggage. like previous models, tesla implement its signature 17 inch in-dash touchscreen display for access to driver controls, vehicle apps, web connection and onboard charging.



2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS

front 3/4 driver side view



2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS

rear 3/4 driver side view



2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS

driver side view



2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS

front view with falcon wing doors open



2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS

front end detail



2014 tesla model X electric SUV at NAIAS

concept sketches

  • I concur with http://www.illem – Tesla philosophy is great but design…not yet. Looks like a patchwork of ideas borrowed from makers puzzled in a model ‘X’. It is difficult indeed to create an identity. But it looks to me that Tesla have talents and resources.
    Now it is a matter of taste: I wish (all) cars would look better, now this is just visual pollution. The golden age is the 50’s through 60’s. Would be good to revisit those lines with a 21st century flair. Example to start with? 1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale.

  • The rear looks like a typical Audi or Volkswagen. The side looks like an Infiniti or Acura. The front looks like a Kia.

    Peter Scorer
  • @What: This a revolutionary car made by innovative, exceptional people; It did not need gullwing doors like a 1950’s Merc or a snoutlike grillish feature to make it look like a car!
    The exceptional people who buys buy this car now, buy it for its pioneering technology but they will, sooner than later need to see some exceptional design that manifests the cars innovative technology— take note Mr Musk

  • NIce job. Hope the gullwing doors keep working. The snout doesn’t work, looks unresolved. Surely some air intake required to cool the motor and batteries, but this grille is an overbite, a chipmonk face.

    Mort D'Urban
  • Surprisingly innovative.
    Modern, discrete and one of the most well designed chassis of recent times.
    It could count with a better solution to the back door, perhaps articulated toward the ceiling, creating a protective coverture, less salient when opened, rather than just a tipper.

    Sérgio Werneck de Figueiredo
  • @www.illem: its called personality. Without a grill it will look just weird, the brand must have some kind of fascia to be recognized in the streets.

  • Looks to be a very nice restrained design which should age well. I would wonder why the front doors were changed to gull wing….

    greg zurbay
  • Face like a Citroën DS3….

  • This is a very attractive albeit traditional or perhaps pedestrian car design while the designer had the opportunity to do something more dramatic and revolutionary for a vehicle which has an electric motor in the front and at the rear.
    Why did the designer find it necessary to design a grill like feature with no apparent purpose at the front?
    Whatever—– best wishes to Tesla Motors


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