2015 ducati panigale range reveals four models to its superbike family
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the 2015 ducati ‘panigale’ range adds four new models to its superbike family; the 1299, the S and R, and 899 panigale. the bologna-based motorcycle firm’s ‘1299 panigale’ builds upon the engineering and design solutions introduced with the compasso d’oro award winning 1199. for starters, it is more forceful and responsive than the previous model, boasting a torque value of 144.6 Nm at 8,750 rpm and a maximum power of 205 hp at 10,500 rpm. this is all possible with the 1285 cm3 superquadro engine which has 116mm pistons that are being used for the very first time on a supersports road bike.

3/4 view of the 1299 panigale
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the ducati ‘1299 panigale’ has a dry weight of 166.5kg and even with this high power to weight ratio, the latest generation motorcycle is easier and safer to ride thanks to the company’s corse department’s innovative solutions. with the monocoque chassis that has a steering head angle of 24° to guarantee increased cornering agility and how the fork pivot is 4mm lower to allow increased rear traction, exemplifies how safety has been improved.

side view of the ducati 1299
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these are not the only features that benefits the red with black wheel rims bike’s performance, so too do; the ducati quick shift that now also works during down-changing, the engine brake control and the ducati wheelie control. the design improves aerodynamic penetration and thus the overall riding statistics with a wider nose fairing and more protective windshield, and the divided-in-two tail fairing.

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introduced with the ducati ‘1299 panigale’ and ‘panigale S’, was also the ‘panigale R’ which is the homologated base for its world superbike machine – essentially making it a road-legal race motorbike with indicators and lights. it is fitted with the 1198cm3 superquadro motor that boasts titanium intake and exhaust valves and rods, two-ring pistons and an extremely lightweight crankshaft which is balanced with tungsten inserts. this makes the ‘R’ capable of a torque value of 136.2 Nm at 10,250 rpm and a max power of 205 hp at 11,500 revs/minute.

3/4 front view of the panigale R




the 2015 collection is completed with the supermid version ‘899 panigale’ that creates a product for those desiring a part within the exclusive world of high performance ducati racing. with this said, the two-wheeler is not just for supersports and engineered for the track, it is also a sophisticated streetbike. the ‘899 panigale’ is available in two color schemes; the red with black cycle rims and the arctic white with red disk rims. designboom was present at the live launch of the ducati ‘panigale’ range that corresponded with the 2014 EICMA in milan.



the ducati panigale S




the 899 panigale whilst racing




the ducati CEO claudio domenicali (center in gray) surrounded by the design team, motoGP drivers and show dancers
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1299 panigale – apex of performance
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