2015 kawasaki ninja H2R 998cc engine motorcycle arrives at intermot
images courtesy of kawasaki




the 2015 kawasaki ‘ninja H2R’ arrived at cologne’s international motorcycle, scooter and e-bike fair – intermot – roaring onto the scene with a 295hp 998cc engine. it boasts a hyper-efficient supercharger, essentially a lightweight and compact high-performance motor that provides the rider with more power than a motoGP machine. inside the mechanics, custom components were created by their machinery division in order to make the motorbike a reality. other sections of kawasaki heavy industries ltd such as the gas turbine department, were sourced in order to combine multiple technological expertise. as well, the aerospace division crafted the carbon-fiber bodywork and the chassis designs that both help to ensure stability at high speeds. the kawasaki ‘ninja H2R’ will be available to customers when it is released to markets in 2015.


demonstration of the bike’s form and how the engine works
video courtesy of kawasaki




designboom was present for the 2015 kawasaki ‘ninja H2R’ motorcycle revealing at the EICMA 2014 in milan.

side view of the 2015 ninja H2R model


front view of the motorcycle


without its aerodynamic body-shell, the raw mechanics are on display


various divisions of the kawasaki heavy industries ltd added their own expertise to build it


the ninja H2R presented at the 2014 EICMA
image © designboom


image © designboom


front 3/4 view of the exhibited bike
image © designboom