2016 lincoln MKX delivers 330 hp with a twin-turbocharged ecoboost V6
images courtesy of lincoln motor company




announced at the 2015 NAIAS, the 2016 lincoln ‘MKX’ features an advanced 2.7 liter twin-turbocharged ecoboost V6 engine that delivers over 330 horsepower and more than 370 lb-ft of torque. this motor which is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, works with the new integral link rear suspension, upgrades to the body structure, and improvements to the chassis components, to make the model the best handling and riding ‘MKX’ to date. an array of enhancing technologies grouped under the name ‘lincoln drive control’, optimize performance and offers three driving modes: normal, sport and comfort.





‘we are focused on delivering engaging and refined luxury vehicles with innovative and thoughtful technologies,’ said kumar galhotra, president of lincoln. ‘the all-new lincoln MKX reflects that focus.’

the side view illustrates the car’s dramatic silhouette




‘the new 2.7-liter ecoboost adds a new level of performance to the all-new lincoln MKX,’ said chief program engineer elaine bannon. ‘the focus is on delivering a total personalized luxury experience for our client: performance, quiet ride, power and technologies that make life easier, all in an environment wrapped in rich materials.’

the 360-degree camera makes low-speed parking situations easier




the automobile that is categorized under the midsize premium utility segment, provides an engaging drive experience through its styling and technological features. dubbed as ‘elegance in motion’, the SUV boasts a dramatic, modern and contemporary form that adds excitement to journeys and grabs the attention of onlookers. the adaptable full LED front headlights create further enthusiasm by being shaped as blades, instead of projectors, in order to match the horizontal design of the split wing grille. the interior architecture displays a contrasting language compared to the outside, with a cocoon-like surrounding that is quiet and calm. the opposing styles reflect the power of the engine and silhouette, and the luxurious riding experience of the 2016 ‘MKX’.

the blade-like LED headlights match the horizontal style of the split front grille




the quiet interior contrasts with the exterior form