2016 toyota scion iM hatch and iA sedan debut at new york auto show
images courtesy of toyota




debuting at the 2015 new york auto show, toyota announces an expansion of the ‘scion’ line-up with the 2016 ‘iM’ and ‘iA’ models. with both vehicle’s ‘i’ representing individuality, intrigue and easy on the customer’s income, they differ according to their summarizing other initial. the ‘M’ stands for modern, multi-faceted and magnetic, whereas the ‘A’ illustrates aggressive styling, accommodating cabin and trunk, and affordability.

side view of the scion iM




starting with the all-new five-door ‘scion iM’, it is not only fun-to-drive, but also offers style, high-content and an efficient 37-MPG highway fuel economy rating. it creates the perfect balance between performance and efficiency, thanks to its 137 hp 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. aiding this adventurous, either six-speed stick or seven-step automatic vehicle, is its sophisticated double-wishbone rear suspension, smoothing out urban bumps and taming corners.





as well as its chassis, the toyota ‘scion iM’ hatch’s four-wheel independent suspension makes the roomy cabin comfortable. boasting a selection of high-quality materials such as the bolstered front sport seats, its interior is also refined, versatile and equipped with high-technology, including the integrated whiplash injury lessen structure. transitioning to the exterior, the body has ripped lines that showcases its sporty nature. at the front, the familiar hexagon lower grille and sharped-eyed headlights lead round to the honeycomb mesh patterned side bezels. further along, its aerodynamic appearance conveys dynamic movement from the front to the rear.

view into the car’s spacious interior


its interior is refined, versatile and equipped with high-technology




front view of toyota’s first ever sports sedan




in comparison, the all-new 2016 toyota ‘scion iA’ sedan also shares the recognizable hexagon lower grille and sharp-eyed headlights. however, with the inclusion of a spacious trunk, the automobile has a striking profile, enhanced by a black bumper, chrome grille surround and tailpipe. this builds upon its dramatic sporty capabilities, that moves just as agile as it looks.





all this creates a visually impacting style but beneath the curved steel metal, a quick-revving 1.5-liter engine with 106 hp awaits. controlled using either a six-speed stick shift or a six-speed automatic, the motor has an estimated fuel economy rating of 42 MPG highway. as a standard, in order to curb the sedan’s power, it features a low-speed pre-collision safety system that uses a laser sensor to help the driver avoid collisions and minimize damages.

side view of scion iA




with a comfortable interior, thanks to its macpherson strut front and torsion beam rear suspension, the ‘iA’ offers a balance sporty yet leisured ride. amongst the premium chrome accents and soft-touch trim surfaces, the cabin is equipped with many advanced technology features. these include; a steering wheel adorned with control switches for the audio and bluetooth, six speakers, rear-view cameras and a remote interface, controlled by voice recognition.



the remote interface, of the touch screen, is governed using voice recognition


the cabin has premium chrome accents and soft-touch trim surfaces