american standard splashes out ‘DXV’ line of 3D printed metal faucets
all images courtesy of american standard





north american plumbing and building product manufacturer american standard, revealed a ‘DXV‘ line of metal 3D printed faucets that revamp the way water cascades into the sink. the process opens new creative possibilities for the design and function of faucets, permitting original ways to present water with a entirely different user experience. the faucets were made using a method of 3D printing called laser sintering. the way the procedure works, is a computer guided laser beam fuses powdered metal into the shape with high heat and pressure. a solid metal block arises out of the powder, with the unique waterways embodied inside. 





to make the stylized channels feasible, the design team used computational fluid dynamic technology to insure efficient water flow through the distinctive waterways. the actual printing takes about 24 hours to finish, and afterwards, the block requires a final hand finished sanding and polishing process to smooth the texture of the metal faucets. american standard hopes 3D metal printing will democratizes design and decentralizes manufacturing and give rise to mass produced personalized products. the ‘DXV’ 3D printed faucets from american standard will be available within the next 12 months through an exclusive network of showrooms.