3Dvarius harmoniously manufactures a playable 3D printed violin
all images courtesy of 3Dvarius






with the help of musical artist and violinist laurent bernadac, french company 3Dvarius designed a fully playable electric violin using the most advanced 3D printing technology and based on the traditional stradivarius. printed as a single piece, the process combines the precision of computer renderings and the time honored skills of violin making. accompanied by his experience with violins, laurent bernadac knew exactly what he expected a great violin needed. together they managed to optimal fusion between musician and instrument. 

3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-02laurent bernadac playing the 3D printed violin



the 3D violin was optimized to be light weight, simpler and considers all the movements a violinist makes. the research process looked at the acoustic and wave propagation through the body of the instrument as well as proper mechanical resistance for the strings’ pressure. 3Dvarius used stereolithography – a technology that produces models one layer at a time by curing photo reactive resin with a ultraviolet lasers. after that, hand sanding, cleaning and polymerization were completed to remove excess resin and protect the internal structure of the violin. the most fragile step was stringing the violin. the structured needed to be susceptible to slow and progressive string pressure to attain the most accurate chord. in the end, the project was a success, and sounds great. take a listen as laurent bernadac takes the 3D printed violin for a spin. 


3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-03the structure is optimized to be light



the design process includes stereolithographic printing
video courtesy of laurent bernadac


3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-04the design has a reduced lower bout


3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-05the structure includes a sculpted chin rest  



video courtesy of 3Dvarius


3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-06the fine tuners of the violin


3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-07sketch of the violin


3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-09 the instrument is cleaned with a cleaning solution and high pressure blowing


3dvarius-laurent-bernadac-3d-violin-designboom-10tuning was done progressively and symmetrical