55m pastrovich studio’s X-easy yacht simplifies life at sea
all images courtesy of pastrovich studios




the luxurious 55m ‘X-easy’ yacht concept from pastrovich studio, redefines elements of sailing, cleaning, exploring, playing, living, its crew and its appearance. the project’s ingredients mean ‘cruising, having fun and relaxing at sea, has never been so… easy!’. designed as a dayboat for warm oceans, it is intuitive to use and has restricted the need of a crew to the minimum, thanks to enhancing smart materials and construction. staying with its build, the vessel’s running costs and work loads have been significantly reduced, making it easy to manage and maintain.
the boat, clearly showing the rear wellness area and its toys; inflatable sailing boats and jellyfish pool




spread out on two decks, it’s form is shaped using elegant lines and is matched by its fresh, bright and striking ‘beach house’ interior atmosphere. this is created by using natural materials, such as roar teak, bamboo and stone, which expresses a strong connection with the open air. when not exploring in the fast, shallow draft yacht, it is loaded with toys to offer great enjoyment to the guests. its equipped with jetskis, inflatable sail-crafts, a jellyfish pool, stand-up paddle boats and fast boats, as well as a wellness area that is dedicated to the relaxation of the body and mind.

the exterior is defined by elegant lines