a 70-year-old taiwanese man has gone viral for playing pokémon go with 11 phones attached to his bicycle. chan san-yuan has been given the name ‘uncle pokémon’ after building the dashboard himself and rigging it to a specially designed waist-mounted rig.


photos from twitter show chen san-juan playing the game on 11 different phones at the same time. since first getting caught on social media and going viral in august, chen has upgraded to a waist mount, so he can travel with his 11 phones on foot.


video by 東森新聞 CH51



chen, who has been given the nickname ‘uncle pokémon’ reportedly spends more than $1,200 a month on the free-to-play game. san-yuan uses multiple portable battery packs to power the devices and he can play for up to 20 hours at once. he told the BBC that he plans to add four more phones to his setup, bringing the total to 15.