photo: public bikes

to get your creative juices flowing for designboom’s seoul cycle design competition, here are some examples of bicycles which are innovative, classic and unique.

as a reminder, the seoul cycle design competition has three categories: cycle design, cycle infrastructure and cycle fashion and accessory design. the competition is free to enter and the registration deadline is july 5, 2010. take a look at these bikes and start thinking of your own ideas.

learn more about the competition here.

a few unusual bicycles photo: public bikes

public bikes

public bikes is a new bike maker who will begin selling their first collection of classically inspired bicycles in a variety of bold colours this may. the bikes take style cues from retro European bikes with the latest technology.

a few unusual bicycles photo: ellworth

ellsworth nuvinci

ellsworth is a US bike company offering a range of bicycles that use the innovative nuvinci hub that is based on a design developed by leonardo davinci. the hub has a continuously variable planetary, which in non-gear head lingo means no derailleur. instead, the nuvinci hub features a series of tilting spheres that create seamless gear changes.

a few unusual bicycles photo: ellsworth

a few unusual bicycles photo: brakeless

brakeless custom bike

the montreal bike shop brakeless created this custom bike for one of their employee’s. the bike features a range of gear that is sourced from many different companies. the frame by marinoni is particularly interesting, featuring a small cut-out on the bottom to allow the rear wheel to be indented into the frame.

a few unusual bicycles photo: brakeless

a few unusual bicycles photo: 3g stepper

3g stepper

the 3g stepper utilizes unique stair-climbing pedals to propel the bike forward. the user stands on the bike’s two large pedals and move their legs up and down in a vertical motion. the bike has handle bars and brakes just like a regular bike but no saddle or gears.

a few unusual bicycles photo: 3g stepper

a few unusual bicycles photo: robert gebler


while the nuvinci hub may not have a derailleur, the German bike maker veloheld offers bikes that use a belt drive instead of a standard chain. These bikes don’t need oil to keep them running smooth, instead a plastic belt propels the rear wheel forward. the belt has small semi circle protrusions that link into small negative forms of the same on the hub.

a few unusual bicycles photo: robert gebler