adam voorhees visualizes a return to classic sailing with streamlined glass details
images courtesy of adam voorhees 




in collaboration with dykstra naval architects, adam voorhees envisioned a return to large sailing yacht living with a 70 meter classic design. it’s been developed in response to client interests for an extremely comfortable and extraordinarily fast yacht that respects the heritage of yesteryears. fundamentally, the project is a complex reflection of historical forms synthesized with contemporary technologies and architecture. 

the 70 meter sailing yacht includes two glass deckhouses




the sleek glass deckhouse appears to push through the teak deck in clear articulation. in the living spaces, the formal decorative façade was applied liberally to the traditional sailing hull that became the background canvas for highlighting focal pieces of form, furniture and art pieces.

built for speed, the hull promotes classic sailing lines




adam voorhees payed a lot of attention to the spatial planning and circulation to promote privacy and ensure multiple opportunities for enjoying time onboard. the owners area includes a private lounge and cockpit as well as a study and separate ensuite. a beach club and boarding lobby is situated for easy access to the owner and guest suites. the foredeck contains an 8.5m owners tender and 6.5m working tender, with the ability to turn the tender into a pool. accommodation for the crew is arranged across seven cabins.

the outdoor eating area




dykstra naval architects have drawn a fast and efficient hull shape with a versatile sailplane optimized for performance and easy handling. weight savings will be made possible through advanced construction and materials, while a hybrid energy platform and the latest sailing and onboard systems will be planned. 

the main lounge

the deckhouses offer 360 degree views