adidas paints the ace 15+ and X 15+ series black, white and pink
the ‘primeknit ACE’
all images courtesy of adidas





this year adidas made soccer more black and white than ever. literally. players were identified as one of two pure playing styles – the ‘X’ player causes chaos, and the ‘ACE’ player who controls everything. those striker/defence types came to define soccer in 2015, and now the ‘ACE 15+’ and ‘X 15+’ are available in a classic new black and white color-way to reflect the two playing styles of the modern soccer player. 

adidas-ace15-X15-black-and-white-pack-designboom-02 the ‘primeknit X’ 




the ‘ACE 15+’primeknit’ features a white heel counter and collar padding, while the 3D control upper is in matt black. the stud configuration of the ‘ACE 15+’, designed for more traction for foot over ball moves, is picked out at the forefoot in pink highlights.

adidas-ace15-X15-black-and-white-pack-designboom-03the toes of both the ‘ACE 15+’prime knit’ and ‘X 15+ primeknit’




the ‘X 15+ primeknit’ also has a black upper with the ‘x-cage’ picked out in a camo style white and grey. there is chaos in the colony, as the laces pop in fluorescent pink. defenders being shown a clean pair of heels will also catch a flash of color against the black and white upper, with the adidas logo picked out in mint on the heel. catch the latest adidas cleats on stars like mesut ozil and gareth bale later this year.