aerodynamic ford GT carbon fiber supercar redefines ecoboost power
images courtesy of ford




presented at the 2015 NAIAS, the ford ‘GT carbon fiber‘ supercar which is scheduled for production in 2016, represents advances in light-weighting, aerodynamics and the ultra-efficient ecoboost engine. joining the likes of the ‘shelby GT350‘, ‘focus RS’ and ‘F-150 raptor’, this model is one of more than 12 performance vehicles being released by the american automotive manufacturer by 2020. it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the company’s race cars placing 1-2-3 at the 1966 24 hours of le mans, by housing their most powerful ecoboost production engine ever. this twin-turbocharged V6 produces more than 600 horsepower and is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle to enable near-instant gear changes for exceptional track driving.





‘as we at ford drive innovation into every part of our business, it’s worth remembering that our first innovation as a company was not in a laboratory, but on the racetrack,’ said mark fields, ford president and chief executive officer, referring to henry dord’s win of a 1901 car race that inspired financial backers to invest in his company. ‘we are passionate about innovation through performance and creating vehicles that make people’s hearts pound.’





the ford ‘GT carbon fiber’ supercar’s tear-drop shape, aircraft-sourced fuselage and visibility-enhancing curved windshield create an optimum form in terms of aerodynamics, as every slope is designed to minimize drag and increase downforce. the active rear spoiler also aids performance through speed and driver input, by deploying and adjusting its height and angle depending on driving conditions. helping racing further, the vehicle shaves weight by enhancing lightweight composites and utilizes an aluminum front and rear subframe which is encapsulated in structural carbon fiber body panels.

top view of the tear-drop shaped car


rear view of the vehicle with its active spoiler


every slope has been designed to optimize aerodynamics




view of the GT’s interior