any seasoned camper knows that there’s nothing worse than having to set up a tent in the pouring rain, or even worse, in the dark. so, the british-designed camping brand OPUS has long been on a mission to make camping easier and launched their first trailer-to-tent vehicle some years back. the team has since been working with new technology to perfect their design and 2017 brings the launch of the all new AIR OPUS, which uses ‘airpole technology’ to inflate the camper in sub 90 seconds. this development sees the complete removal of traditional metal poles, replacing them with an inflatable counterpart that means the tent pitches in about a third of the time compared to the original model. (3)
the air OPUS goes from trailer to tent in under 90 seconds



an electric pump is fitted inside the camper, so on arrival at your campsite all you need to do is unfold the tailer, then press the switch and the air tubes inflate the tent whilst you head inside to complete the interior setup. the battery-powered tent incorporates two bedrooms with fixed double bed ends, roof and side windows, and an even larger internal floor space than the original OPUS. when it comes to packing up at the end of your trip, by releasing the valves the air poles deflate in seconds making it easy to pack away.

the inflatable tent is operated by a 12 V barrery



the trailer’s interior is designed to be at once stylish and functional. the set up includes a full kitchen with a stove, stainless steel sink, drawer unit, refrigerator and seating area. the OPUS air will exhibit at at the caravan, camping and motorhome show in the UK this week, and the the air option will be available from april this year to add to any existing OPUS trailer.

the air OPUS compiles a fully-fitted kitchen

the interior of the camper is designed to be at once homely and accessable
the sides of the trailer roll open for sunny weather
the living area includes a sofa and dining table
the camper expands from a plat-pack trailer
the neat trailer is easy to transport