Back in 2021, Airbus announced plans for a new CityAirbus (see the previous one on designboom here). The eVTOL boasts fixed wings, a V-shaped tail, and eight electrically powered propellers as part of its uniquely designed distributed propulsion system. The zero-emission aircraft can carry up to four passengers. 


‘We are on a quest to co-create an entirely new market that sustainably integrates urban air mobility into the cities while addressing environmental and social concerns,’ said Bruno Even, Airbus Helicopters CEO. ‘Airbus is convinced that the real challenges are as much about urban integration, public acceptance, and automated air traffic management, as about vehicle technology and business models. We build on all of the capabilities to deliver a safe, sustainable, and fully integrated service to society.’

CityAirbus NextGen could take to the skies in italy and germany soon




The latest version of the CityAirbus has an 80 km range and can reach a cruise speed of 120 km/h. It is noise-friendly, with sound levels below 65 dB during fly-over and below 70 dB during landing. The eVTOL has undergone over 200 flight and ground tests, and has flown around 1,000 km in total.


‘We have learned a lot from the test campaigns with our two demonstrators, CityAirbus and Vahana,’ said Even. ‘The CityAirbus NextGen combines the best from both worlds, with the new architecture striking the right balance between hover and forward flight. The prototype is paving the way for certification, expected around 2025.’

CityAirbus NextGen could take to the skies in italy and germany soon


Following the launch, Airbus has announced partnerships with different companies and countries to continue developing air mobility. First it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian ITA Airways, and now reported on the creation of the Air Mobility Initiative (AMI) in Germany. The later initiative, which is supported by the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Republic of Germany, will set up a series of research projects aimed at making urban air mobility within and between cities a reality.

CityAirbus NextGen could take to the skies in italy and germany soon


‘In many parts of the world, eVTOLs will offer a whole new mobility service in the near future,’ said Markus May, Head of Operations for urban air mobility at Airbus. ‘Airbus and the AMI partners are aware that the introduction of such a system requires the cooperation of many players with different competences. Our goal is to build a transport service that benefits society and this is what we are setting up here in Bavaria.’


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