aircraft startup cobalt changes the course of flight design with valkyrie series
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san francisco aircraft company cobalt is an on mission to transform private flying with a category of planes that is design-centric, sleek, modern as well as super fast, safe, and easy to fly. the ‘valkyrie’ series are composed of two types of engine classes that both have –  five-seat capacity, a completely customized interior and exterior, and can reach speeds of 480 km/h. ’10 years ago, I had a vision to disrupt the aviation industry with an innovative private aircraft, that is not only technologically sound and safe, but also design-centric and luxurious,’ explains founder, CEO, and aerospace engineer david loury. ‘today, cobalt is no longer just a prototype. it’s a world-class aircraft, complete with advanced safety, technology, and modern design features for travel-loving consumers and aviation enthusiasts.’

the design is heavily influenced by classic fighter jets
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the ‘valkyrie’ includes a small wing that helps the main wing to provide extra stability and control, and prevents the plane from stalling in the air. this offers pilots a peace of mind and ensures the industry’s safest landings and takeoffs. an onboard parachute is also incorporated for an additional sense of security. the design is heavily influenced by classic fighter jets with clean lines and premium finishes. the exterior comes in a range of finishes. the interior features hand-stitched leather seats and a simple dashboard layout with only one on/off switch. the ‘valkyrie’ has a large one-piece canopy with unrivaled 320-degree visibility views.


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the single engine is located at the rear of the aircraft
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the ‘valkyrie’ seats five passengers
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the canopy offers 320-degree views
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exterior and interior colors are completely customizable
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the basic dashboard layout
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the aircraft joystick
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the landing gear
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