airspace by airbus cabin concept: committed to passenger experience



an innovative new concept in jetliner cabins was was spotted at farnborough international airshow 2016 this week with the ‘airspace by airbus’ brand, bringing together an enhanced technological experience for passengers and optimum performance for airlines based on four dimensions: comfort, ambience, service and design.





introduced with airbus’ super-widebody ‘A330neo’, airspace cabins offer a more relaxing, attractive and functional environment for travellers and optimises the use of cabin space for operators.

airbus’ 73 meter long ‘A380’ was the basis for the concept
image © designboom



‘the A380 already offers the best comfort of any aircraft, and the A320 is the top in its single-aisle category,’ explained kiran rao, executive vice president of airbus’ marketing + strategy. ‘airspace is another step forward, reflecting our decision to bring consistency on our two best-selling widebody aircraft: the A350 XWB and A330neo’.

airspace airbus cabin concept designboom
passengers find themselves comfortable in the cabin



signature design elements recognisable throughout all airspace cabins include wider seats; larger overhead storage bins; spacious, contemporary lavatories with antibacterial surfaces; along with unobstructed under-seat foot space. other features are a unique and customisable welcome area at the main passenger boarding door, the latest in LED technology for ambient lighting, as well as clean shapes and surfaces throughout the interior.

airspace airbus cabin concept designboom
the interior has an open, welcoming appearance with LED lighting



features for operators include a range of new galley/lavatory options such as modular ‘space-flex’ to maximise trolley capacity, wheelchair-accessible lavatory configurations to suit individual airline requirements, and freeing up of main deck space to allow for additional seating.

airspace airbus cabin concept designboom
all seats are wider in the aircraft concept



‘such signature details and iconic elements will add to passengers’ enjoyment of flight, while offering a flexible canvas to which the airlines can project their own brand’, rao concluded.

airspace airbus cabin concept designboom
the airbus ‘A380’ has a wingspan of 80m
image © designboom