thousands of pages of charts and manuals will now be accessible to alaska airlines pilots on an iPad

alaska airlines is the first commercial airline to switch to paperless reference materials for pilots, replacing each flight bag with an iPad that contains hyperlinked colour PDF versions of 41 flight manuals, aeronautical navigation charts, systems reference cards, and other materials. the documents are navigable through the ‘goodreader‘ app.

over the longterm, the project is expected to reduce paper and distribution costs (as the airline currently uses about 2.4 million pieces of paper on such materials), as well as reduce aircraft fuel consumption by the exchange of a 1.5-pound iPad for 25-pounds of reference manuals, and prevent back and muscle injuries to the pilots carrying the flight bags.

alaska airlines notes that to respect safety, all pilots are still beholden to the FAA regulation preventing the use of class 1 electronic devices during takeoff and landing. with trial phases completed in winter and spring, the transition to paperless navigating is expected to be finished by mid-june.

alaska airlines replaces flight manuals with iPads


alaska airlines replaces flight manuals with iPadsalaska airlines plane in flight

via engadget