50m amnesia yacht concept blends classic fisherman lines with a modern bow
all images courtesy of alessandrini letizia





what characterizes this 50-meter ‘amnesia’ by alessandrini letizia is the simple, elegant and clean lines. the hull incorporates the fisherman style and blends with the modern and aggressive reverse bow. the luxury yacht concept can comfortably accommodate twelve guests and a crew of nine. the stern of the yacht is wide open and includes a dining room, a sunbath area and a swimming pool which receives water from two waterfalls that flow along the uprights. the bow hosts another bath another bath and sunbathing area. 





the main deck hosts the saloon which is divided into living and dining areas by waterfalls. it hosts also the master cabin whose particularity is its position that offers a breathtaking view and plenty of light, while maintaining the privacy of its guests. it’s equipped with a jacuzzi, a large bathroom with sauna and a walk-in closet. the upper deck is dedicated to cocktail with a bar and sofa area, which can easily turn into a dining room. inside the upper deck, there’s another living area, a small gym with sea views, the captain’s cabin and the cockpit. the three decks are connected by a glass elevator.

alessandrini-letizia-amnesia-50m-yacht-concept-designboom-03the hull incorporates lighting for nighttime swimming alessandrini-letizia-amnesia-50m-yacht-concept-designboom-04the pool is feed water through side streamsalessandrini-letizia-amnesia-50m-yacht-concept-designboom-05the top floor of the ‘amnesia’alessandrini-letizia-amnesia-50m-yacht-concept-designboom-07the master bedroom  alessandrini-letizia-amnesia-50m-yacht-concept-designboom-08the rooms are divided by a falling waterfall  alessandrini-letizia-amnesia-50m-yacht-concept-designboom-09the front bow of the yacht