alexander taylor + adidas develop futurecraft tailored fibre for embroidered assembly
all images courtesy of alexander taylor studio





‘futurecraft tailored fibre’ is the third chapter of adidas’ forward thinking manufacturing series. designed by alexander taylor studio, using an innovative new manufacturing technique, ‘tailored fibre’ shoes can be modified to the individual’s specific and custom requirements. 

adidas-futurecraft-chapter-3-alexander-taylor-designboom-02the ‘futurecraft tailored fibre’ in white




the studio developed proof of concept models to illustrate the possibility of working with emerging technologies, which creates totally fresh ways of making and accommodates existing mechanics. the ‘tailored fibre’ is commonly associated with composite and electrical applications within the automotive and aerospace industry. it is flexible and efficient embroidery technology, which consists of a primary yarn stitched down by a smaller secondary yarn. patterns and paths are designed to lay down material in response to the functionality required, which results in a completely different aesthetic for performance footwear.

adidas-futurecraft-chapter-3-alexander-taylor-designboom-03the proof-of-concept in black




the highest-performance fibers and filaments are engineered, adding to the textile toolbox accessible to the brand. in a single process, the technology allows the creation of all the required functionality, including flexible forefoot, supportive mid-cage and rigid heel counter. the ‘futurecraft tailored fibre’ was initiated two years ago, ultimately working towards its integration within the brand. as with previous projects, the aim was and is to search out and propose advanced alternatives appropriate for the future of manufacturing. adidas has also involved the project with releases of ‘futurecraft leather’, a parley collaboration and the ‘futurecraft 3D printed’ shoes.


video courtesy of adidas

adidas-futurecraft-chapter-3-alexander-taylor-designboom-04the outer shell being embroidered  adidas-futurecraft-chapter-3-alexander-taylor-designboom-05a detailed look of the stitching