alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom01
ALPA 12 FPS camera adapts for third party lenses and digital backs
images courtesy of ALPA



the ALPA ’12 FPS’ is a modular camera system that has been rendered to combine several third party lenses and digital backs of up to 80 mega-pixels. it functions by being able to control aperture and the focus of the add-ons mechanisms to provide expert, wide-angled photographs.

alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom02
the front view of the ALPA camera




the camera is made for the intensive use by both professional and amateur photographers as it relieves the need for purchasing new models through its signature additional adapter system. the canon EOS EF 85mm, zeiss film distagon and legacy zeiss planar lenses are just a few of the attachments on the market that can be used with the ALPA ’12’. integrated features of the mirrorless medium-format device include an electronically controlled focal plane shutter, running with low vibrations and an exposure time of 1/4000 seconds in order to enable better image capturing and quality.

alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom03
the rear view



the device also makes it possible to use mechanical and electronic leaf shutters that are installed within the lens, for short flash synchronization speed.  this possibility opens up the integration of a range of lenses — from the new to the already tried and tested — of various brands and manufacturers, to be used with the ALPA 12 FPS, allowing the employment of respective properties and specific characters of individual optics.

alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom04




other properties and features of the ALPA 12 FPS, which can be used independently or in combination with one another are: electronic aperture control, remote control, wide range exposure bracketing, multiple exposures, simple user interface, flexible programmability, continuous expansion of functions through uploadable firmware and more.

alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom05
shows the ALPA with the canon EF TS-E 17mm f/4L lens




the ALPA 12 FPS was a winner of the design preis schweis 2013 and was presented during vienna design week 2014 at designforum as part of the switzerland + austria = design exhibition; and remains on show until october 19th, 2014.


alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom06
it features a tilt adapter to ease functionality




the jury at the design preis schweiz commented that, ‘the ALPA 12 FPS provides strong confirmation of the excellent reputation that this legendary swiss brand enjoys, both among professionals and with a selected group of connoisseurs and amateurs.’


they continued to say, ‘the product combines functional innovation with proven technological flair, together with top-quality manufacture and a clearly delineated design which makes the equipment easy to handle. in short, this is in every way a triumph and lives up the best standards of swiss industrial design.’


alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom07
the 12 FPS with a zeiss film lens distagon T*CP 2 21mm T/2.9 attached


alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom08


alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom09
the hand grip module


alpa-12-FPS camera-designboom10
has a display, function keys and the battery power supply