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alpha motor's NIGHTWOLF truck suits rugged drivers for an electric future

alpha motor corporation’s Adventure-Ready Electric Truck


In a bold move towards electrifying the automotive industry, Alpha Motor Corporation unveils its NIGHTWOLF unique electric truck, derived from the company’s planned mass-produced WOLF truck. Integrating foldable solar panels and equipment mounts, and built with durable materials, this customizable edition will cater to the diverse and rugged demands of truck lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers who still hope to support a clean, carbon-neutral future.

NIGHTWOLF is purpose-built to conquer rugged terrains and tackle challenging off-road conditions. Its robust body-on-frame construction, complemented by durable lightweight materials, is engineered to ensure enhanced efficiency. Alpha’s innovative design includes a low center of gravity, achieved through central battery placement within the vehicle chassis. This configuration provides superior handling and responsiveness, making off-road journeys possible and exciting.

alpha motor nightwolfimages courtesy Alpha Motor Corporation



Conquering Rugged Terrain with NIGHTWOLF


Alpha Motor Corporation’s efforts have recently been validated through successful test drives of the Wolf electric truck during the first half of this year. These trials affirmed the vehicle’s performance and versatility while setting the stage for its NIGHTWOLF.

The WOLF electric truck was successfully driven through the Southern California desert during the Summer where temperatures exceeded 100°F degrees. The test drive included driving over rugged terrain, which also demonstrated the truck’s off-road capabilities,said the team at Alpha Motor Corporation. NIGHTWOLF speaks to the fun-to-drive personality that is engineered into the WOLF truck.

alpha motor nightwolf
the customizable electric truck is designed to meet the demands of truck buyers in the electric mobility era



customization and flexibility


Alpha’s mantra of ‘Electric Truck Accessibility and Customization’ underscores the company’s commitment to enabling customers to tailor their electric vehicles to meet their individual requirements and preferences. NIGHTWOLF embraces this ethos by accommodating aftermarket component integration, empowering users to customize their trucks for specific functional needs, whether for camping, over-landing, or any other outdoor pursuit. With the ability to mount additional equipment such as tents, camping gear, and portable grills, NIGHTWOLF creates a self-contained campsite atop the vehicle — an ideal solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventures.

You shouldn’t have to worry about getting your gear from point A to point B. The rooftop-mounted Rugged Cases make it easy to store all your essential gear safely on top of your vehicle and maximize the space you have to enjoy down below,‘ said Patrick Frits, Marketing Manager, Roam Adventure Co.

alpha motor nightwolf
NIGHTWOLF is purpose-built for conquering rugged terrains and off-road adventures for a thrilling drive



The solar-powered truck cap


One of the standout features of Alpha Motor Corporation’s NIGHTWOLF is its Solar-Powered Truck Cap. Equipped with advanced solar panels that are adjustable to maximize sunlight absorption, this innovative cap can extend the electric truck’s daily range by approximately fifteen to twenty miles while reducing the need for frequent charging. These panels work by converting sunlight into electricity, which can be stored in the truck’s battery and also power various accessories, making it a versatile addition for outdoor activities and work. Moreover, the cap’s adaptability allows for easy customization, with the option to swap out panels for different materials, such as durable and waterproof canvas, ensuring practicality and sustainability as solar technology evolves.

alpha motor nightwolf
drivers can tailor their electric NIGHTWOLF for camping, off-roading, or any outdoor pursuit



NIGHTWOLF doesn’t just stop at its electric powertrain and customization options — it also incorporates leading innovations from renowned brands in the automotive and outdoor gear industries.


NIGHTWOLF features two roof-mounted 83L rugged cases from ROAM Adventure Co. These cases provide a versatile storage solution for carrying outdoor gear, equipment, and supplies. With a quick-release mounting system designed to mount the cases to the roof rack in under 5 seconds, they offer convenience and security for adventurers. The trucks are equipped with 17-inch Black Rhino Atlas wheels which enhance performance over rugged terrain. These wheels are engineered for endless adventure and durability, catering to a wide range of fitments for trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and vans.

alpha motor's NIGHTWOLF truck suits rugged drivers for an electric future
two roof-mounted cases provide a versatile storage solution for carrying outdoor gear



NIGHTWOLF’s lighting system is powered by KC Lights, featuring a combination of 7-inch Gravity® LED headlamps and Gravity® LED Pro6 auxiliary lights. This lighting setup optimizes light output for superior performance, whether driving on or off-road. DMOS Collective Delta Pro Shovel offers users professional-grade tools designed for rugged outdoor use. Lightweight, strong, and versatile, the Delta Pro Shovel is the ultimate entrenching tool for adventurers.


equipped with Black Rhino Atlas wheels and advanced KC Lights, NIGHTWOLF is durable even in off-road situations

alpha motor's NIGHTWOLF truck suits rugged drivers for an electric future
the Solar-Powered Truck Cap extends range and reduces the need for frequent charging


NIGHTWOLF demonstrates Alpha Motor Corporation’s commitment to sustainable, eco-conscious adventure

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