movable van office 'alpine cross cabin' recalls japanese minimalism with all-wood interior

movable van office 'alpine cross cabin' recalls japanese minimalism with all-wood interior

The Alpine Cross Cabin concept van


Digital nomads and freelancers wanting to explore cities without worrying about accommodation can easily work inside the concept van office ‘Cross Cabin’ from automobile company Alpine. They were the first people the company thought of when the latter started thinking of a movable workstation that could be driven anywhere. 


What’s more in the concept van Cross Cabin is the wooden interior that recalls Japanese saunas and bath houses. In fact, the design team draws on Japanese minimalism and aesthetics for the interior of the van. Objects and fixtures are stowed away when not in use to maximize the space and result in a harmonious and uncluttered interior design that is both professional and relaxing at the same time.


The sloping wood carpeting of the whole interior consists of acoustic panels that flow into the bench, coupled with surround sound systems to finely tune the music coming from speakers and hush down the noises coming from the outside. Atmospheric LED lighting glows and gradually dies out based on the user’s needs to match their mood as they hustle and drive. Japanese tatami mat acts as the van’s flooring, a continuation of the design team’s Japanese reference.

alpine cross cabin concept van
images courtesy of Alps Alpine Europe



Targeting digital nomads


Steve Crawford, Director of Alpine Brand Business Division, says that Cross Cabin concept van aims for a seamless work-life balance while on the road. ‘We started thinking about a new form of mobility that offers users both the comfort of a traditional motorhome and an optimized ergonomic space for remote work, whatever the destination, hence the name Cross Cabin,’ he says.


The Cross Cabin Van is equipped with solar cells, batteries, and additional solutions to enable off-grid work under normal working conditions for up to 3 days. Alpine picked a long Ford Transit as the vehicle’s foundation which the team completely transformed into a modern workstation vehicle.

alpine cross cabin concept van
all-wood interior with dedicated workspace



The core element of the Cross Cabin is the ‘Smart Table’, which is hidden in the floor when not in use. The table folds and rotates to serve as a large desk or a long dining table. The tabletop can be opened to reveal a 32-inch monitor and an integrated full-size keyboard that enables professional working when connecting a laptop, and if the user wants to enjoy the landscape and the fresh air outside while working inside the concept van, they can pull out the terrace with the ‘Smart Table’ to the back of the vehicle.


The Alpine Cross Cabin concept van is ready when it comes to connection too. A high-speed 4G/LTE mobile radio router with external antennas is plugged inside which enables video conferences in HD quality, video streaming, and cloud-based work enabled. The vehicle cabin is soundproofed to ensure undisturbed video conferencing in busy places or in heavy rain.

alpine cross cabin concept van
the foldable desk doubles as a dining table

alpine cross cabin concept van
interior view


alpine cross cabin concept van
actual view | image courtesy of Alps Alpine Europe, via Instagram

movable van office 'alpine cross cabin' recalls japanese minimalism with all-wood interior
the van is also equipped with a 32-inch monitor



project info:


name: Cross Cabin

company: Alpine

type: Van

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