apple has added a secret button to the iPhone that can trigger a variety of gestures, tasks, and accessibility shortcuts. the little-known feature, which was included in the latest iOS update (iOS 14), is known as ‘back tap’. the feature lets users double or triple tap the back of the iPhone case to trigger a shortcut without engaging with the device’s touchscreen. ‘back tap’ can be enabled through iPhone’s settings app by selecting ‘accessibility’ > ‘touch’ > ‘back tap’. users can then choose which function they wish this action to activate, with system, accessibility, and scroll gesture options all possible.

apple back tap
you can now tap on the back of an iPhone to access a host of features



for example, you could tweak your settings so that double tapping the rear of your iPhone takes a screenshot or takes you to the notification center. other possibilities allow you to mute the device by tapping or use the rear of the phone to scroll up and down. ‘accessibility features include ‘back tap’, which offers a quick new way to trigger gestures, tasks, and accessibility shortcuts,’ said apple when launching the iOS 14 operating system.