apple has reportedly downsized its ambitious automotive plans and no longer intends to build its own car. 


according to bloomberg, staff from the tech giant’s ‘car team’ have been reassigned and let go, as apple shifts gears and restructures ‘project titan’ — the highly secretive internal project ongoing since 2014. under the initiative’s new focus, apple will reportedly work towards the development of an autonomous driving system, rather than build its own vehicle. the realization of this software would allow apple to either use the technology in partnership with existing car manufactures, or come back to its own vehicle design at some point in the future.


the news of apple’s surprising foray into electric vehicles was first circulated back in 2015, with widespread curiosity and interest in the program. while official word from apple was never confirmed, an employee close to the project told business insider in febuary 2015 that the project would ‘change the landscape and give tesla a run for its money.’


now, bloomberg reports that apple has offered a deadline of late 2017 for the team to demonstrate the practicality of its new self-driving system, and make a final decision on the progress of the project next year.