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three-wheeled spaceship solar car 'aptera launch' drives for months without charging

Aptera launch edition runs on sun power


Car company Aptera Motors wants to futurize electric vehicles from its car design to technology. First, it sees cars as road-legal spaceships that swiftly hit the streets with a seamless speed. Then, it tops the roofs with solar panels to not only electrify the cars but also make sure drivers won’t need to charge their vehicles for months. Aptera wants to say goodbye to gas and oil by offering EV solutions through solar power.


Solar car ‘Aptera Launch Edition’ does just that. The ultra-lightweight body nods to the use of carbon and its shape looks like a battle wagon ready for street racing and drifting. Equipped with roughly 700 watts of proprietary solar technology, Aptera claims its solar car Launch can drive up to 40 miles per day directly from the sun’s rays, making it possible to never plug in to charge again.


‘With Aptera’s solar technology, consistent access to a charging station or even a plug and socket isn’t necessary. Aptera’s Launch Edition comes integrated with a solar charging package allowing most people to drive for weeks, even months, without ever having to plug in to charge,’ the company says.

solar car aptera launch edition
images courtesy of Aptera Motors



Drive where the sun shines


California-based Aptera Motors says that in a location with very high sun exposure like Southern California, the average driver would never have to plug in solar car Aptera Launch Edition, based on the daily average of 29 miles. ‘In a location with medium sun exposure such as New York or Chicago, you will only need to plug in roughly three times per year,’ the company adds.


Drivers might not need to worry about where to charge their solar car since Aptera assures them any standard power outlet might suit the EV car well. The two-seater, three-wheeled solar car launches itself from zero to 60 mph in four seconds and has a range of 400 miles. 


Aptera is finalizing the fourth and final phase of its product development named Delta, and as part of this phase, Aptera will complete crash testing and validation. Once completed, Aptera plans to scale quickly into full-scale single-shift production of 10,000 vehicles per year. From there, Aptera says it will expand its output to dual shift 20,000 vehicles per year out of its Carlsbad, California facility. 

solar car aptera launch edition
the roof absorbs the solar rays

solar car aptera launch edition
trunk compartment


three-wheeled solar car Aptera Launch Edition


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name: Aptera Launch Edition

company: Aptera Motors

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