in december 2020, aptera motors introduced the world’s first solar electric vehicle (sEV) requiring no charging for most daily use and boast a range of up to 1,000 miles per full charge. today, the company has announced that it has closed its round of funding, accepting over $4 million and garnering over 7,000 vehicle reservations in just over two months, totaling a quarter-billion in orders. backers include crowdfunders, private investors and automotive leaders such as sandy munro of munro & associates inc.


‘I’m betting on a solar future, and I’m betting on aptera,’ said the lean design expert. ‘the industry needs more creative engineering like this to progress ahead. I’m happy to be assisting aptera as they move into production and beyond,’ commented munro. 

aptera's 3-wheeled solar energy vehicle is back on track
images by aptera



the aptera solar electric vehicle (sEV) is equipped with the company’s never charge technology, which is built-in the car, and has been designed to harvest enough sunlight to travel over 11,000 miles per year in most regions. its lightweight composites — many times stronger than steel — allow its unique body shape to slip through the air with an unheard-of drag coefficient.

aptera's 3-wheeled solar energy vehicle is back on track



earlier this month, aptera moved into a new production design facility in the sorrento valley area of san diego. part of a 60,500 square foot campus, the facility will be home to aptera’s three completed vehicles and a team of development engineers. areas of focus will be advanced 3D-printing, composites, UI/UX development, and battery technologies development. as the company expands, aptera will be evaluating additional locations for production facilities in san diego and around the world.

aptera's 3-wheeled solar energy vehicle is back on track



‘we’re excited to have sandy’s support as we move into the beta design design phase of our solar electric vehicles production plan. his decades of automotive knowledge and genius analysis of other EV players is great validation that we’re on the right path,’ concluded chris anthony, co-founder of aptera.




project info:


name: no charge solar energy vehicle (sEV)

company: aptera

price: USD$25,900 – $46,900