example of the application

‘architecture’ is the first GPS based architectural pocket guide for the iPhone by bas berck. you can travel to anywhere in the world, and this application will tell you where the most architecturally interesting buildings are located within the area. it gives you a history of the building and the architect. it also shows two images per project, along with an associated web-site of the building / architect, address, detailed map and walking or driving directions to the location. where available, a google street view is also given.

the new phone app contains projects from 165 different architects in 270 cities worldwide. it has more than 1000 pictures from buildings stored internally, from le corbusier, mies van der rohe, oscar niemeyr to SANAA and OMA. it provides a selction of 20th and 21st century architecture which covers the traditions of the world to classic icons and architectural oddities.

projects can be browsed through the categories of ‘cities’ and ‘architects’. no data connection is needed as all information and pictures are stored offline in the end user’s phone.

architectural guide for iPhone

architectural guide for iPhone

architectural guide for iPhone site information and map