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arma e-scooter folds into the size of 12-inch laptop, so riders can put it in their backpack

Meet shimizu’s foldable e-scooter, arma


Japanese startup Shimizu is developing Arma, a foldable e-scooter that packs up into the size of a 12 or 13-inch laptop, allowing riders to conveniently stow it in their backpacks. If they prefer not to slide it in there, they can simply carry it, as Arma comes with a top handle, allowing the rider to lug it around like a compact toolbox on the go.


As of publishing the story, Shimizu says they are still in the prototyping phase of the foldable e-scooter but express confidence in overcoming the ‘tough physics‘ of their model. Regarding the design, Arma promises to fold into an A4 paper-sized frame (for comparison, a 14-inch laptop may be slightly bigger than this paper size).

shimizu arma foldable e-scooter
images by Shimizu Inc.



Shimizu aims for a final weight of around 10 pounds, and if successful, it might not be a surprise that Arma’s first prototype has been certified as the world’s smallest and lightest e-scooter, as the startup claims. Another feature the design team is exploring is making Arma transition from carry to ride mode in just about 30 seconds. This may require Shimizu to delve into the hinge and locking system of their world’s smallest and lightest e-scooter. From the prototype video they have released, it looks like Arma can be easily folded, making the 30-second outlook a reality.

shimizu arma foldable e-scooter
japanese startup Shimizu is developing Arma, a foldable e-scooter



USB Type-C charging for foldable e-scooter


Shimizu plans to introduce another feature that foldable e-scooter fans may appreciate: swappable batteries. Arma is expected to be fully recharged in two hours using USB Type-C, and each battery charge can provide the rider with a range of up to 15 kilometers.


High-quality Lithium-Ion batteries would be packed inside Arma to ensure that it can give the rider the 15-kilometer ride range. While Shimizu has yet to indicate the key material that would be used for Arma, the silver tone may give the impression that the foldable e-scooter is made of aluminum, making it lighter compared to using steel.

shimizu arma foldable e-scooter
Arma promises to fold into an A4 paper-sized frame (a 14-inch laptop may be slightly bigger than this paper size)




Arma’s first prototype was also featured in the recent Japan Mobility Show 2023, where attendees were able to see the ride up close. As of publishing the story, the design team is working on the second prototype, and their campaign shows that they plan to unveil the final design by the end of 2023.


They have a lot in store for their fans in 2024, starting with the testing of their second prototype in the first quarter. The second quarter may be dedicated to mass production, with the expected shipment of the first batches in around the third quarter of the year.

shimizu arma foldable e-scooter
when folded, Shimizu’s Arma can fit in a backpack

shimizu arma foldable e-scooter
detailed view of the foldable e-scooter


Arma’s first prototype

shimizu arma foldable e-scooter
first prototype of the foldable e-scooter

shimizu arma foldable e-scooter
riders can even put it on top of their baggage when they travel


Shimizu plans to test their second prototype in early 2024

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