designed by art. lebedev studio, the ‘optimus mini six’ has just entered the early stages of production

art. lebedev studio based in moscow and kiev, has announced that its ‘optimus mini six’ keypad is in the early stages of production, to be released by the end of 2011. the long-awaited ‘optimus popularis’ full LCD keyboard is now expected in 2012.

both devices originate in a similar concept: the replacement of static keys with LCD-based touch ones, programmable to not only letters and symbols but also shortcuts and computer functions. the USB-corded ‘mini six’ features six tactile transparent buttons, while the ‘popularis’ is designed as a more freeform interface, that is similarly programmable but includes weather, messaging, and other widget-type updates viewable directly on the panel.

art. lebedev: optimus mini six keypad the six keys are transparent, featuring LCD images that are (re)programmable to various functions and programs or shortcuts

art. lebedev: optimus mini six keypad the ‘optimus popularis’ keyboard, now expected for release in 2012