brakepack by artefact solves the failed dialogue between cyclists and motorists
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in many major cities there is a rise in commuting by bike, however this form of transportation has raised the amount of automobile related cycling fatalities and injuries. many of them happening at night or in poor visibility. reflectors, blinking lights, and even reflective vests and jackets aren’t ideal solutions. the accessories can either be stolen, cluttering, and not very stylish. ‘brakepack’ by artefact is trying to solve the failed communication between the motorist and the cyclist by using integrated turn signals and brake lights. 

‘brakepack’ focuses on visibility for city motorists



artefact designers tucker spofford, nick alto, sam baker, and benoit collette constructed  a straightforward prototype that embraces RGB LED lighting and a smartphone app, to help cyclists convey exactly where they’re going, in a familiar way any motorist can understand. the bag connects using bluetooth low energy to a companion app, to provide automatic signaling without the rider losing focus on the road. there are also capacitive touch controls on the shoulder straps for riders who don’t have smartphones. 


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‘brakepack’ is made of ‘cordura’ nylon and is capable of having the lights and batteries removed for easy cleaning. it charges through a practical wall mounted wireless charger. the design isn’t the only LED-rigged cyclist bag — see designboom’s story on the similar ‘seil bag’ by leemyungsu design lab — but it is an indication of the development of more intuitive safety devices for bikers and improved communication between rider and driver.  

‘brakepack’ comes with a smartphone app



the app automatically communicates the signals to the bag


‘brakepack’ has a series of preloaded signals 


the backpack comes with a wall anchor that incorporates wireless charging 






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