artefact + hyundai explores how self-driving cars need to interact with motorists
all images and videos courtesy of artefact





artefact group partnered with hyundai to explore how people will soon interact with self-driving vehicles and envision potential design solutions for near-term, semi-autonomous cars. in their view, this will be a major transition on how motorists will adapt to new, hybrid modes of driving and learn to share controls with automotive systems. artefact group believe the shift to fully autonomous vehicles will be characterised by three dependent phases of development, beginning with establishing trust, then addressing the complexity of control and ultimately optimising the experience of being a passenger in the driver’s seat. their ongoing project covers three major dimensions of driving – engaging co-pilot, transparent systems and adaptive interfaces. 


study introduction




the design company is looking at building trust and manage transitions in control, the vehicle must establish a relationship with the driver over time, by delivering the right amount of engagement at the right time, but not all the time. the vehicle should implicitly confirm what it knows the driver, seek input when necessary and explicitly confirm intended outcomes, manage expectations and provide a proactive driving experience. 


engaging co-pilot example




artefact believes that to establish user understanding of the intelligence system and its capabilities, the interface must communicate clearly and transparently by showing what the car sees, what it’s currently doing, what it intends to do in response to environmental conditions, and why. 


transparent systems




to address the complexity of an interface that can accommodate both manual and autonomous driving, artefact thinks the system should display only what is needed for each mode, with transitions between modes seamless and immediate. the collaboration is still working on the autonomous driving interface, but believe this will be a focal point of the automotive industry if it really wants to make the mode standard.


adaptive interfaces