adaptive VR hardware by artefact group includes hood and shoulder cloak
all images courtesy of artefact group




artefact group believe virtual reality experiences can be adaptive to any situation and cover a range of more or less inclusive or immersive experiences. so they set out and devised a concept hardware experience feasible for VR in 2020. called ‘shadow’, the project is a series of wearables for gamers who want the most immersive virtual reality experience and interact with others mainly in the virtual space. the computer and battery are built into the hood and shoulder cloak, untethering the user from cables. going beyond just sight, ‘shadow’ incorporates hearing and touch through sensors in the arms, hands and body to bring the experience to a new level of immersion.

the ‘shadow’ concept hardware




a separate headset called ‘light’ is for groups of friends who want to experience VR together. simple and sharable, it allows the user to stay connected not only to the virtual world but to the people and environment around her. a front facing camera allows users to see their surroundings, while a sharable mode shows others the content they are experiencing. sound is delivered through adjustable a bone conduction system that still allows for ambient sounds to travel. 

packed with sensors, it incorporates hearing and touch

artefact-group-VR-2020-designboom-04 artefact-group-VR-2020-designboom-05 artefact-group-VR-2020-designboom-06
the ‘light’ headset 

the front facing camera allows users to see their environment 

friends can interact with the user’s VR surroundings