arthur sacek constructs autonomous paper plane machine from only LEGO
all images courtesy of elevation digital media





aerospace and electronics company arrow partnered with elevation digital media and brazilian LEGO robotics builder arthur sacek to create an autonomous paper plane contraption. revealed as a commercial, the project was made to express arrow’s forward-thinking ideology. 


video courtesy of elevation digital media




with a background in industrial design, sacek’s machine was built from scratch over the course of a month and only used LEGO parts. ’I loved the challenge, because when you have this kind of machine, you can know thing to change other kinds of challenges,’ explains sacek. ‘we need to solve problems, since we have a lot of problems everywhere.’  check out the behind the scenes video below 

arthur-sacek-lego-paper-plane-machine-arrow-designboom-02the apparatus covers a whole tablearthur-sacek-lego-paper-plane-machine-arrow-designboom-03the paper is fed through using rubber wheels  arthur-sacek-lego-paper-plane-machine-arrow-designboom-04the folds are made by hydraulic LEGO panels 


behind the scenes 
video courtesy of arthur sacek