ASKA evtol to take off at CES 2023


Ever since Next Future Mobility (NFT) announced plans to build a flying car in 2019, the American Start-up has been taking pre-orders from eager fliers ready for take-off. Named ASKA (Japanese for flying bird), the flying car is set for its debut at CES 2023 ahead of its launch into the skies in 2026. The vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) uses a set of retractable wings to give users freedom to choose to travel on the road or in the air.

CES 2023: ASKA street-legal flying car to take off in 2026
images by ASKA



The four-seater ASKA can drive on the road like a car or fly like an aircraft with capability for VTOL as well as short takeoff and landing (STOL. Its aerodynamic design provides great, safe and efficient driving experience on the road and air. Electric motors power a flight range of up to 250 miles – an extender is also available. Its electric architecture ensures future models can convert the range extenders to any other energy source including hydrogen.



‘We have focused significantly on ASKA’s safety elements, which include dual energy sources, large wings, large propellers, 6 pack of batteries to ensure ASKA is as safe in the air as it is on the ground,’ said Guy Kaplinsky, co-founder & CEO, NFT, inc. ‘We anticipate that flying cars that are accessible to the general public will be as instrumental in re-defining how and where we live, as the original automobile was to the foundation of our country’s highway and road systems.’



ASKA can be boarded at home, on the street or in a parking lot. It can easily transition to flight mode by lifting off vertically in a designated vertical launch space. As its wings open, it transitions to a smooth flight programmed to the driver’s destination. After transitioning to vertical landing in a vertipad, users can drive it as a car back home or leave it parked in a standard parking lot.


‘To build a better society and a better economy, we need better transportation solutions, and flying cars will be a part of that equation,’ concludes Kaplinsky. 



project info:


name: ASKA

company: NFT inc.