‘aspekt’ modular SLR camera systemall images courtesy university of applied science, schwäbisch gmünd



considering the fact that digital cameras still constrain the user to only use accessories from the same brand, a team from the university of applied science in schwäbisch gmünd, germany have come up with a solution to adapting to the needs and demands of professional photography equipment. ‘aspekt’, the mirrorless digital camera system is divided into specific functional elements and redesigned as a modular setup. the specially designed units enable users to attach older lenses which are not supported by SLR devices.


separate modules house a series of different components including  a 24 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor – which can be rotated from landscape to portrait without having to operate the device in an uncomfortable position – computing processor, battery with ergonomic grip and high quality OLED monitor in the viewfinder. the ‘aspekt’ also includes thunderbolt extensions for connectivity, alongside slots for conventional memory cards, a hard drive or flash memory. 



aspekt modular SLR camera systemreliable camera grip



aspekt modular SLR camera systemcamera in use



aspekt modular SLR camera systemcubic design for ideal modular arrangement



aspekt modular SLR camera systemfront view with a 50mm fixed lens



aspekt modular SLR camera systemrear view with the electronic viewfinder, screen and control elements



aspekt modular SLR camera systemswivel-mounted screen



 aspekt modular SLR camera systemhinged electronic view finder for ergonomic use



aspekt modular SLR camera systemdetailed view of the control elements




aspekt modular SLR camera systeminnovative way of holding the camera


aspekt modular SLR camera systemrotating sensor for landscape and portrait photography without rotating the whole camera



aspekt modular SLR camera system

exploded view of the modules



project team:

gabriel brücknerjohanna gedeonchristoph hiebingerbianca kochjessica lederer



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