aston martin partners with red bull to create AM-RB 001 ‘hypercar’



the product of a unique partnership between the british luxury brand aston martin and eminent formula one team, the ‘AM-RB 001’ is an ambitious and uncompromising collaboration. it combines the vision and skills of two world-leading brands to create the technology for a road car which has never been seen before.

aston martin red bull hypercar designboom
the partnership aims to push the boundaries of motoring performance




the three men charged with realising this shared vision are: adrian newey, red bull racing’s chief technical officer; successful F1 designer, marek reichman, aston martin EVP; and chief creative officer and david king, VP and chief special operations officer of aston martin.  the formidable alliance combines over a hundred years of specialism – both with heritage, making some of the world’s most beautiful and charismatic GT cars, and with technological brilliance and relentless pursuit of speed and efficiency that has seen red bull racing excel in the ferociously competitive world of formula one.  

aston martin red bull hypercar designboom
the form is typically aston martin with expressive GT curves



reichman and newey worked closely on all aspects of the project, striving to ensure the ‘AM-RB 001’ is an unprecedented fusion of form and function: a vehicle engineered to be entirely useable and enjoyable as a road car, but with the capability to perform like no road car before it on a race track. for those who crave an even more intensely focused driving experience, a track-only ‘AM-RB 001’ is also in development, the projected performance of which is in line with that of today’s LMP1 le mans sports prototypes.

a track-only AM-RB 001 is also in its development phase



built around a lightweight carbon fibre structure, the AM-RB 001 will boast truly radical aerodynamics for unprecedented levels of downforce in a road-legal car. thanks to newey’s innovative design much of this downforce is generated through underfloor aerodynamics, leaving reichman free to craft a pure, dramatic form that elegantly expresses both the AM-RB 001’s cutting-edge dynamism and the essence of aston martin.

air vents have been placed to create downforce



the ‘hypercar’ will be a bespoke machine from the tires up. it will be built by david king and his team at gaydon, england, in the purpose-built facility created for aston martin’s original hypercar, the one-77. more details of the AM-RB 001‘s technical specification will be revealed in due course, but its heart is a new, mid-mounted, high-revving, naturally aspirated V12 engine with the potency to achieve a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio; 1 bhp per kilo of weight.

the V12 engine is capable of achieving a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1



marek reichman, aston martin’s chief creative officer, says of the AM-RB 001, ‘working so closely alongside Adrian and an organisation like red bull racing is a fabulous experience. by definition the objectives we’ve set for the car ensures there has never been an aston martin – or any car, actually – quite like the AM-RB 001. The shared challenge has been finding that magical tipping point where we achieve the most efficient engineering solutions and the most beautiful styling solutions without any compromises. my personal challenge has been expressing the AM-RB 001’s extraordinary performance and the unique way in which it delivers that performance. its style reflects its revolutionary nature, while possessing the form and beauty that makes it unmistakably an aston martin’.

the ‘hypercar’ fits in well with the F1 car, we look forward to seeing it on the track


the AM-RB 001 elegant curves

aston martin partner red bull to create AM-RB 001 ‘hypercar’