aston martin engineers justify more power with more carbon fiber for one-off roadster



customization division at aston martin have revealed an extreme convertible in the unique form of an one-off ‘vantage GT12’ roadster. at first glance, the most visible differences are the significant number of carbon-fibre body panels but underneath the body, the british carmaker emphasized the need for radical performance. 

the aston martin ‘vantage GT12’ roadster




conceived and delivered within a nine-month period, the car draws its origins from the latest coupe, with a special 600 HP version of the company’s 6.0 L normally aspirated V12 engine paired with a seven-speed paddle shift transmission. a unique suspension setup defined by aston martin’s in-house dynamics experts, helps to ensure the roadster shares the same handling characteristics as the coupe. technical highlights also include magnesium inlet manifolds with revised geometry, a lightweight magnesium torque tube and a full titanium exhaust system. 

every accented is replaced with carbon fiber parts




‘the vantage GT12 roadster is a hugely exciting project,’ explains CEO of aston martin dr. andy palmer. ‘not just because it’s sensational to look at, but because it vividly demonstrates the expanded capabilities of Q by aston martin. by incorporating the exceptional engineering capabilities of aston martin advanced operations within the Q by aston martin bespoke commissioning service we have a truly formidable creative team.’

side fenders behind the wheels to redistribute air 

the ‘GT12’ roadster badge 

exhaust intakes surrounded by carbon fiber rear aerodynamic fins 

carbon fiber continues into the interior 

the centre console