aston martin virage shooting brake zagato one-off coach-built car
images courtesy of zagato




the aston martin ‘virage shooting brake zagato’ is being presented at the chantilly arts and elegance concours d’elegance, where it showcases both italian style and british engineering. the milanese coach-building company zagato atelier has created a bespoke body design for the virage to commemorate their 95 years in the industry. the one-of-a-kind car was commissioned by a european client and is the completion of the aston martin-zagato centennial trilogy – that includes the DBS coupe and DB9 spider versions.





the automobile pays homage to their artistic, continental coach-building traditions and blends both their country’s and british form culture. the luxurious, two-door coupé has a functional boot in order to accommodate the drivers’ sport and leisure passions, whilst provides the aston fast driving experience. the aston martin virage shooting brake zagato will be on display at the chantilly arts and elegance show on the 7th september 2014.

the back 3/4 view of the unique sports coupé


the rear view of the shooting brake