astropad creative tool gets your mac and iOS device drawing simultaneously
all images courtesy of astropad






many of us already have a portfolio of great devices in our possession. now the technology industry has a priority to have all them talk to each other effectively without a hitch. with digital art and renderings push new frontiers, astropad wants to help be the next canvas with hardware we already own. the app and corresponding computer software act as a companion to any apple mac, mirroring it to allow users to provide touch input. artists and designers can draw on the iPad using a finger or a stylus and then those strokes would be sent to the computer. astropad makes it possible to even use pressure sensitive styluses. 


video courtesy of astropad



after years of intense research and coding the team at astropad developed the focal point of the software called ‘liquid’. this enables the device pairing over wifi to be more responsive, with bursting at 60 fps. it is true to the source material with color corrected output and retina resolution enabling the iPad to be the same as the mac. the tablet connects by using the local wifi connection or through a wired USB cable. both allow for quick feedback for smooth drawing on the iPad. the interface and the underlying technology was developed by matt ronge and giovanni donelli. both former employees of apple, they are on a mission to create the next generation graphics tablet.

astropad-drawing-software-designboom-07astropad mini app turns an iPhone into a drawing surface


astropad-drawing-software-designboom-03connects through wifi or USB cable


astropad-drawing-software-designboom-04works with a variety of different styluses


video courtesy of astropad



astropad-drawing-software-designboom-02the tablet mirrors the image in the workspace


astropad-drawing-software-designboom-05it selects a work area on the desktop


astropad-drawing-software-designboom-08latest version involves the apple watch 


astropad-drawing-software-designboom-06founders matt ronge and giovanni donelli