the ‘eee slate’ by asus, running windows 7

demoed at CES 2011 and now publicly available, the ‘eee slate‘ (‘EP121’) by asus runs a complete operating system on an intel core i5 processor, offering the processing power of a PC in a tablet-sized device.

featuring a 12.1-inch multitouch screen with a 175-degree viewing angle, the ‘eee slate’ measures 12.28in x 8.15in x 0.66in (31.2cm x 20.7cm x 1.68cm) and weighs 2.53lbs (1.15kg). its solid-state hard drive, available as either 32 or 64GB (with 2 or 4 GB of RAM respectively), boots in about 15-20 seconds.

the tablet runs windows 7, but as a complete operating system can also boot linux or other user interfaces. the greatest strength of running a complete OS is that the device is not limited to simply apps; although native flash abilities and ‘windows product scout’ provide easy access to youtube, hulu, and netflix applications, any program for windows can be installed, and amazon kindle is pre-loaded onto the tablet.

asus: eee slate the touchscreen device is sold with a keyboard and stylus, offering diverse options for use

‘remote media streaming’ facilitates remote access of PCs on the ‘eee slate’ using only a high-speed internet connection, so that documents need not be stored on the tablet itself. files shared with a base PC can be automatically synchronized via ‘windows live mesh’, while ‘homegroup’ permits the easy creation of networks across printers and other computers.

asus: eee slate 3/4 front and side views

usable as a touchscreen device, the ‘eee slate’ is sold packaged with microsoft’s bluetooth ‘arc keyboard’ and a 0.67-inch capacitative multi-touch stylus for additional functionality. hand-writing recognition and pressure-sensitive ‘pen and ink’ technologies expand the stylus’s range of use.

additional hardware on the tablet includes built-in stereo speakers, an HDMI and two USB 2.0 ports, and a front-facing 2MP webcam. each full battery charge provides approximately three hours of use.

asus: eee slate the ‘eee slate’ features handwriting recognition and a pressure-sensitive stylus

already available in the USA, the ‘eee slate’ has just been released for pre-order in the UK and europe, shipping april 4th and retailing beginning at 999 USD.

the unboxing of the ‘eee slate’ and a look at the hardware specs (beginning at 2:12)

an advertisement for the ‘eee slate’ depicting its range of use for creatives

an advertisement for the ‘eee slate’ depicting its range of use for business professionals