AUDI prologue discussed in depth by head designers at design miami/
images courtesy of AUDI AG




as the second installation of designboom’s coverage of the AUDI ‘prologue’ launch at design miami/ 2014, the heads of exterior design and interface hardware explain the specific detailing behind the new concept car. the model dubbed as ‘the force within’, represents the german automobile’s new form direction by embodying a unity of technology and style, whilst still presenting the essence of quattro. as the first vehicle created under the leadership of their new design chief marc lichte, the ‘prologue’ exhibits at the global event alongside the work of other top designers and architects, in order to reflect how the florida city is increasingly emerging as a focus-point of the creative scene and how AUDI’s philosophy is a leading figure in this environment.


AUDI prologue’s head of exterior design, andreas mindt and head of interface hardware, interior design, edwin ollefers
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‘design miami is the perfect occasion to present our new design language to a well informed audience,’ explains giovanni perosino, head of marketing communications at AUDI AG. ‘design is omnipresent and palpable in miami. This city’s astonishing speed of development and urban diversity make it the perfect source of inspiration. we are using the forum to take our relationships with innovative forward thinkers to a new level for AUDI.’


mindt talks about the accuracy involved in the the rear window design
video © designboom




AUDI’s head of exterior design andreas mindt, delves into the concept’s form which is paving a new channel for the company’s automobile style, and provides reasoning and explanations for its details. a key focus for the team was to ensure that any stylist items were continuous throughout its plan. cues such as the flowing edges and clean surfaces that run from the front to the rear, help display a sense of speed and motion. as well, the redesigned single frame which is an iconic feature of the quattro spirit, has been modified to be wider and to have a lower profile than previously. this presented a problem with the regular headlights, but by making them more downwards facing and thicker with fast angles, they fit in with the front’s elegant yet strong structure.

front 3/4 view of the concept car




edwin ollefers the head of AUDI’s interface hardware, interior design, talks about how the strong exterior translates to the inside in order to create a continuous visual style for the drivers, passengers and passers-by. a key element of the inside is the wrap around wooden collar that provides passengers with a comfortable yet secure environment. ollefers goes on to explain how the team has removed the regular amount of buttons that normally feature on a car’s dashboard, to clearly clarify the different rider spaces and functions with a clean environment.

the structure’s continuous surfaces remove any obstructive elements such as the filler cap


mindt describes the details of the prologue’s form




edwin ollefers, AUDI’s head of interface hardware, interior design, explains the new interior design and features


ollefers discusses how the exterior translates to the interior


the exhibition showcases the prologue alongside top designers and architects at the design miami/ show