updated piloted AUDI RS 7 keeps getting better, out laps race car drivers at sonoma raceway
all images courtesy of AUDI





at the sonoma raceway in california, AUDI took its latest generation of ‘RS 7’ piloted driving concept and pushed it to its limits, testing its speed and handling to prove the technology’s future capabilities in highway driving. the car named ‘robby’ has a power output of 412 kW and is around 400 kg lighter than its predecessor ‘bobby’ which in 2014, set a world speed record of 149 mph at the hockenheimring race course in germany. the technology enabled piloted driving is similar for both ‘robby’ and ‘bobby’, as well as its rating of 560 horsepower. whether braking, steering or accelerating, the piloted car controls all driving functions fully autonomously and with maximum precision.

the AUDI ‘RS 7’ ‘robby’ concept car taking to the tracks at sonoma raceway




the test drive at sonoma displayed the advanced nature of the self-driving technology, in particular how it could potentially enhance safe mobility for the majority of the driving public, particular seniors. the run at the california racetrack is part of AUDI’s belief in the technology needing to perform consistently when extreme handling becomes necessary in everyday drives and future urban mobility. with this in mind, the driving capabilities of ‘robby’ and bobby’, combined with AUDI’s piloted driving systems currently under development, will offer a true 360-degree sensor vision around the car as it is driving –  an always-on view of the road environment.

‘robby’ is 400 kg lighter than its predecessor




at the racetrack the car overwhelmingly drove better lap times than the closest sports car drivers. the developed work done on these laps yield valuable knowledge for series production systems — from the sensor technology and data processing to vehicle control and stabilization. the system will arrive to the market in the upcoming generation of the AUDI ‘A8’, and will assume control during parking or in stop and go traffic on freeways at speeds up to 60 km/h. 

it has a power output of 412kW