augmented reality tattoo uses RFID chip for viewing



a body modification specialist in brooklyn has recently implanted an RFID chip into new york artist anthony antonellis‘ hand, capable of revealing GIFs when held beside a smartphone. the device contains a glass capsule the size of a grain of sand, capable of storing 1KB of digital memory. the electronic implant is equipped with a tiny antenna, whose NFC transmission showcases the animation. ‘it’s usually used for privacy, but I use it for a public purpose, which is to distribute artwork,’ antonellis explains to animal NY. ‘think of it as a changeable, digital net art tattoo vs. fixed information,’ he adds. in the future, the artist can update the implanted content with text, audio files, and new images with up to 10 frames and 6 colors of information.


* the video below contains some graphic content not suitable for all viewers



watch artist implant a net art RFID chip into his hand
video courtesy animal NY



augmented reality GIF tattoo uses RFID chip for viewing

a glass capsule the size of a grain of sand stores the information of the augmented reality tattoo